Swedish green Recovery

The timing of the European Green Deal and the Climate law is excellent. Since around the time of the Paris agreement, there is an impatient willingness to act in the business sector, and we need authorities to catalyse this development.

We, the 2030-secretariat, are a Coalition of the willing with more than 70 partners and a focus on the year 2030, when the Swedish transportsector shall have reduced carbon dioxid emissions by 70 percent. It is a huge challenge but also a great opportunity for green growth. There are many transport initiatives brewing in Sweden. Initiatives that with EU funding could accelerate the transition to sustainability. Therefore, we strongly support initiatives like the Green recovery fund, and we see an increasing interest to take part. We hope that these initiatives can inspire further action. If you like an idea – share it, if you want to know more, contact the person listed by the project. But most importantly, get inspired by what is possible – day by day.