Ethanol conversion

Ethanol conversion

In many countries electric vehicles is the main agenda to decarbonize the transport sector. Sweden has taken a more diverse position, also focusing on biofuels. This opens the possibility to convert gasoline vehicles to ethanol, allowing for a cheaper alternative that leads to 50 per cent decreas in carbon missions overnight.

In addition to the environmental incitement for ethanol conversion, the government intends to introduce a conversion subsidy in 2022 to help with the financial ability to go through with the procedure.

KG Knutsson AB, KGK, has adopted a sustainability strategy with a focus on circular economy. Utilizing and extending the lifetime of existing vehicles is a core interests to the organization. KGK offer the ethanol conversion kit as one of their products and provide the service of installation at their affiliated company Autoexperten.

Through the work of KGK and Autoexperten customers can, at a low cost, convert their cars in a few hours. The result is an immediate reduction of carbon dioxide reductions, without having to pay for a new car. There is no need to scrap a car that is relatively new, still safe and efficient. Ethanol, E85, can be fueled at more than one thousand fueling stations throughout Sweden. It is one of the major biofuels produced in Sweden today, with a greenhouse gas reduction potential of more than 90 percent.

KGK and Autoexperten is building a nationwide network of sales and service.

Climate benefits

A car converted to ethanol emitts at least 50 percent less fossil carbon dioxid efter conversion. A car converter to biogas 90 percent less fossil carbon dioxide.


0,5 MEUR


Starting in 2021.

Contact information

Malin Möller
Manager Business planning

Sustainability manager

Tel: +46 8 92 31 69
Mobile: +46 70 336 31 69

Swedish green Recovery

The timing of the European Green Deal and the Climate law is excellent. Since around the time of the Paris agreement, there is an impatient willingness to act in the business sector, and we need authorities to catalyse this development.

The Swedish 2030-secretariat was founded to support Sweden’s ambition to decarbonize the transport sector. The Swedish Climate Law set an ambitious sector target for transport –  70 percent reduction of carbon dioxide by 2030. Through 70 partners from industry, municipalities and organisations the 2030-secretariat is supporting this ambitious development, independent of technical solutions or political parties. We are convinced that we need to work in parallel on behaviour, fuels (all low carbon or zero emission fuels) and vehicle technologies. All is needed.

We invited partners to send in proposals that fit well within Green recovery under the Green Deal. We have collected some 30 proposals, mostly in Sweden, in different areas using different technologies. We, the 2030-secretariat, are a Coalition of the willing with a focus on the target year 2030. There are many initiatives brewing in Sweden.

We strongly support initiatives like the Green recovery fund, and we see an increasing interest to take part. In this work we would like to stress the following:

• Allow for a multitude of solutions. We do not know which technology will be decisive, but we do know that many different technologies will be needed

• Changing our behaviour and the use of digital mobility is as important as legislation for vehicles or fuels. The 2020’s is the decade of digitalization, let’s invite digital solutions into the mobility sector

• Avoid having the good alternatives compete. The future is a combo; electricity, hydrogen, biofuels, biogas and some of the new fuels entering the market

• Do not separate fuels in generations or levels of sophistication. We are interested in the greenhouse gas reduction potential of the fuels, not what they are called

We sense a strong willingness to move forward, a season of change that is both needed and welcome. We hope that these initiatives can inspire. If you like an idea – steal it, if you want to participate, contact the person listed by the project. But most importantly, get inspired by what is possible.

The Swedish 2030-secretariat is made up of 70 partners from industry, municipalities and organisations joined in one common goal – supporting Sweden in reaching a 70 percent reduction of CO2 in the Swedish transport sector by 2030. We work in three areas, all equally important: vehicle technology, fuels and electrification and behaviour. All three important areas that need to deliver if we are to reach the climate target for the transport sector. The 2030-secretariat is independent from individual companies and political parties and does not favour any specific technology or solution. The reduction of CO2 is what counts. We are equally inspired by entrepreneurship and innovation as we are with grit, the on-going task of increasing efficiency. We need all to reach the climate targets.